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Hiring is hard. We make it easier 

AccuSourceHR is uniquely positioned to meet the background screening needs of TRICARE and ABA service providers. We have specifically designed comprehensive employment background screening packages to meet requirements defined by the DOD and the Federally-sponsored Autism caregiver provider programs. 
Our TRICARE Background Screening Services Feature: 
- Special pricing for TRICARE members -
- Quick turnaround times for service requests -
- Dedicated onsite compliance support -


  • Social Security Trace (SST) & Validation
  • County Criminal Records Search ‌
  • Multi-State/National Criminal Database Search‌
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • Statewide Criminal Database
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • Global Homeland Security Database Search

  Additional Single Product Options:

  • Education Verification - $8.25
  • Employment Verification - $8.25
  • Motor Vehicle Report - $4.65
  • Social Media Search – Basic - $22.50
Additional single-product options may be ordered individually or in conjunction with a package request
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