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Welcome Oorwins ATS-1 Partners

AI-Powered Talent Intelligence

Intelligent sourcing, hiring, onboarding and development of top talent. Provides CRM(Sales), ATS(Recruitment), HRM (Human Resource Management) softwares to ease the process of Hire to Retire.


A one-stop AI-based solution for automating your Hire to Retire cycle


All-in-one platform which enables AI and Automation to ease the process with minimal human efforts. Hand in Hand Support

Stop the Hiring Slowdown

AccuSourceHR automates tasks, freeing recruiters for strategic work and speeding up quality hires.

Ditch the Bias

AI analyzes skills objectively, ensuring fair hiring and attracting diverse talent. 

Win the Talent War

Create a smooth candidate experience that boosts your employer brand and conversion rates.

Users can easily Trigger and Track their BGCs from the platform for Employees or prospective candidates.

One-stop solution for handling your Sales, Hire and HR solutions on one platform.

A platform which helps you to run your Hire to Retire cycle on Auto-Pilot