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Welcome HiringThing-1 Partners

Discover Hiring Happiness™

HiringThing's applicant tracking system is integrated with AccuSourceHR to provide our mutual clients with swift and reliable background screening in the recruitment process. This seamless integration ensures that hiring managers can efficiently vet candidates, reducing the risk of costly hiring mistakes and improving the quality of new hires, all within a streamlined workflow.

Our applicant tracking system stands out for its comprehensive feature set, extensive customization options, and premium support, ensuring a seamless recruitment process tailored to an employer’s unique needs.

Our talent software’s intuitive interfaces, AI-enabled features, and Partner Marketplace simplify the hiring and employee onboarding process.

Integrated Happiness

The integration of AccuSourceHR into HiringThing's applicant tracking system is pivotal for streamlining the hiring workflow by allowing employers to initiate comprehensive background checks directly within the recruitment platform. 

Happiness Accelerated

Accelerate the hiring timeline by eliminating the need for multiple systems but also ensures accuracy and consistency in the candidate evaluation process

Efficiency Happiness

Integrating streamlined workflows and accelerating timelines ensures companies can focus on making informed hiring decisions faster, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity in their recruitment efforts.