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Expert Talent. Exceptional Work.

At Gig Talent, we are on a mission to elevate the profession of consulting, making hiring HR consultants and leadership coaches more reliable and less costly. Our goal is to help organizations level up their culture, their leadership and their talent by connecting vetted high-caliber HR consultants and leadership coaches with forward-thinking organizations seeking a competitive advantage. 
Whether you need a subject matter expert or want to create an integrated talent strategy, leveraging elastic talent provides additional flexibility to manage costs instead of fixed headcount so you can make smart business decisions.

At Gig Talent, we distinguish ourselves by offering a forward-thinking approach to HR consulting and leadership coaching, backed by a team of experienced business leaders with diverse industry backgrounds. 

Our commitment to providing tools, resources, and personalized attention ensures that both our consultants/coaches and clients achieve their desired business outcomes. With a focus on collaboration, creativity, and alignment with client values, we deliver unparalleled service, access to top-tier talent, and a cost-effective solution that enables clients to secure the best expertise without breaking the bank.

On-demand (Fractional) Talent

Our solution addresses the critical need for reliable and high-quality gig talent in HR consulting and coaching, where traditional methods often lack standards. By providing access to top-tier, Gig Talent Certified™ consultants and coaches, we alleviate the burden of managing nationwide talent searches, offering convenience without compromising on expertise. Additionally, our elastic talent model enables businesses to flexibly manage costs, replacing fixed headcount with a more adaptable approach, ultimately empowering smarter business decisions while reducing hiring expenses.

Direct Hire

We specialize in providing tailored talent solutions, ensuring seamless business alignment and success through direct HR placements, allowing you to focus on your core business interests. Recognizing the challenges in finding the perfect fit, we leverage our expertise to match candidates with your culture and requirements, having hired the best ourselves. Our commitment extends beyond just placement; we prioritize the seamless integration of your new hire into your team and organization. By offering access to professional coaching, we facilitate their rapid assimilation, empowering them to deliver on their goals efficiently, ensuring both individual and organizational long-term success. 

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“The HR Advisors at Gig Talent provided valuable insight and expertise in all aspects of our company. They took the time to really understand who we are as a business and where we want to be by helping with executive team alignment, ensuring our employees felt heard and through helping us create a strong foundation for our culture. They also assisted with identifying the right HR leader moving forward and helped onboard to ensure a smooth transition. Throughout our time working together, we have received a high quality of professionalism, expertise and guidance that has allowed us continue growing as a forward-thinking organization. Gig Talent is a knowledgeable and committed resource for any organization looking to create a competitive advantage.”
Damien McDevitt
CEO at Aspen Neuroscience