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Welcome Cadient 10 2023 Partners

Leading the Way: 20 years of Proven Solutions for Quality Hourly Hiring 

Cadient is a comprehensive, full-suite talent acquisition solution. With a broad range of features, we can help you through the entire applicant lifecycle, from attracting applicants, to assessing and selecting the best hire, to onboarding, and through to analysis and consulting for best practice changes. We lean heavily on the service in Software as a Service, with a Customer Success team with over 20 years of experience helping you to design your system to its optimal potential. A part of the full suite of features includes our approach to AI, or augmented intelligence for your hiring managers. Using machine learning combined with Cadient data on hundreds of millions of candidates and tens of millions of hires, Cadient can help you to find hires that will stay on the job longer and directly help your company's bottom line.

Cadient identifies candidates who are likely to stay on the job longer by utilizing AI and machine learning, incorporating analytics to predict candidate longevity and fit, thus ensuring a higher retention rate.  


Cadient significantly improves the speed to hire in the hourly hiring space by streamlining the recruitment process through automation and efficient candidate management features, enabling quicker decision-making and reducing time-to-fill for critical roles.

Why Cadient? 

Cadient sets itself apart from the competition through its unparalleled experience of over 20 years in adopting a consultative approach towards recruitment solutions. This extensive experience, combined with processing over 10 million candidates and 500 million applications, has equipped Cadient with invaluable insights and lessons learned. Our product is meticulously designed to address the specific pain points associated with hiring hourly employees, making Cadient an expert in transforming the challenges of hourly hiring into opportunities for business growth and efficiency.

Cadient's Differentiators

 Cadient's value proposition lies in its deep expertise and innovative approach to recruitment, specifically tailored for the hourly workforce. Leveraging over two decades of consultative experience and the insights gained from processing over 10 million candidates and 500 million applications, Cadient offers a unique blend of AI and machine learning analytics. This powerful combination enables businesses to not only expedite the hiring process but also significantly improve candidate retention by identifying individuals most likely to stay on the job longer. Cadient transforms hourly hiring from a challenge into a strategic advantage, ensuring businesses can efficiently find and retain the best talent.